Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nice Celebritys photos

Nice Celebritys photos

Check out these celebritys images:

Chevrolet Celebrity two door sedan celebritys
Image by dave_7 Chevrolet Celebrity in two door sedan form. The four doors are much more common but haven't seen a two door for a while. This one has the 2.5L four cylinder engine as well.

Singer Celebrity Cheryl Cole Visits British Troops in Afghanistan celebritys
Image by Defence Images Singer Cheryl Cole shelters from the downwash of a Chinook helicopter during her morale boosting trip visiting British troops in Afghanistan. On the 14 September 2011 Cheryl Cole paid the British Troops in Afghanistan a morale visit where she presented the British Forces with the Pride of Britain Award. Here she can be seen taking part in a demonstration by 42 Commando Royal Marines conducting a compound clearance followed by a casualty evacuation via a Chinook helicopter. She exclaimed that she had never experienced so much dust in her life before after the helicopter came in to extract the casualty. Photographer: LA(Phot) Dave Hillhouse Image 45153211.jpg from Follow us:

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