Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Some Raffle Ideas for the Obama Campaign

Who wants a raffle ticket?
President Obama's reelection campaign is continuing with its hallmark electoral innovation, including entering small dollar donors into "Dinner With The President" raffles like this and this

Thinking that this novel approach could become a important means of leveraging the Administration's policy agenda in America's body politic, the Disease Management Care Blog proposes that the White House offer a suite of raffles for other prizes, like:

1. A front row seat at one of HHS Secretary Sebelius' upcoming speeches on the merits of Affordable Care Act.  Sit through 5 or more of these tedious speeches and CMS will refund the raffle price; sit through 10 and you'll get a Medicaid coverage for a much needed visit with a mental health provider (with the disclaimer that finding a provider who will accept Medicaid is up to you).

2. A free and thorough "Welcome to Medicare" physical examination by a gloved TSA employee.  At the end of it, you may not feel too safe, but the rest of us will.

3. Accompanying Treasury Secretary Geithner on an all expense-paid tour of Beijing (with the disclaimer that that the trip will be generously supported through a loan provided by the People's Republic of China). A potential bonus: make it one way!

4. If you would rather not donate at this time, the President could offer a raffle to help change your mind: a "couple's massage" at the resort of your choice with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

5. For those who care or dare to annoyingly donate to the Republican ticket anyway, the Obama-Biden campaign could have a separate raffle: a drawing for a prominent mention on a Obama campaign web site or the chance at being the subject of opposition research.

6.  Not to be outdone, the Romney camp could also respond with a meal-with-the-candidate raffle.  The DMCB recommends that the dinner be modelled after the Ryan "premium support" approach where the prize is a meal "voucher" that does not include beverage, appetizer, salad, main course or dessert and the winner would need to bring his or her own utensils.

Image from the White House web site

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